Supporting enterprises develop and embody sustainable business improvement solutions

By clear analysis and practical solutions, tailored to clients' particular contexts, informed by many years' experience of what works, what doesn't, and why - a bespoke service.







Through consciously acknowledging that 'hard' areas of operational performance can be improved only by attending to 'soft' aspects of corporate culture, and working with both.

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Applied Cognition Ltd is a private limited company, registered number 08249758 


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Applied Cognition Ltd

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What we do

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Applied Cognition Ltd supports people in public and private sector organisations and in social and creative enterprises to identify and implement practical actions to hone their sense of purpose and to improve the quality of their decision-making, the success of their projects and the working of their teams.

We support directors and trustees to assess corporate governance arrangements, processes for responsible decision-making, change management initiatives, and capital investment programmes and projects. We also assist directors, trustees and senior managers with  corporate visioning and strategic planning, and evaluate the cost-effectiveness and impact of operational programmes, projects and performance management systems.

Applied Cognition's Managing Director is David Metcalfe, BA, MPhil, CPFA.

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Help people improve their organisation's and enterprise's